"As a relatively new golfer, John's teaching methods were easy to follow and put into practice. It was great to have my slice sorted out during a recent weekend trip to Wales. My swing now feels much more relaxed but I'm hitting the ball further with more control over where I want it to go. Looking forward to a return trip and another lesson as soon as possible."

Simon McCollough from Dromara, Co. Down, Northern Ireland


"I started playing golf a year ago.  John has given me the solid foundation on which to build a sound game.  I am now playing to a 36 handicap, and his teaching methods have given me the confidence to believe that the sky's the limit!"

Liz Glascoe


"John's guidance has helped me reduce my handicap from 18 to 14 in less than a year. But perhaps even more importantly, he has enabled me to enjoy the act of playing golf more than ever before. All golfers will tell you that it is a mental game, but so few teaching pros actually pay any attention to it in practice. John is a refreshing exception."
Stephen Glascoe

"Golf can appear so complicated but John's coaching methods make it simple. His ability to instill positive thoughts and build confidence in your own swing makes it so rewarding. I not only look forward to every lesson but leave it feeling better about the game having noticed significant improvement. Golf can be taught in a formulaic and structured manner but it is so difficult to remember everything once you are on the course. Thanks to John's insight and relaxed manner of teaching I am now better prepared than I have ever been to play the game and even look forward to teeing off on the first hole!"

James Board

"No professional in the world would welcome the sight of me looming up for a lesson, I am an out and out 28 handicapper and I have trouble even playing to that. But there is no doubt that John’s methods are having a dramatic effect on my game.
I am swinging more naturally and hitting the ball better but what I haven’t mastered yet is the consistency necessary to bringing in a good medal card.
But I am no longer gripping the club like I’m strangling a chicken, my downswing only occasionally resembles a trainee lumberjack and my short game is acquiring subtleties I never thought possible. I’m looking forward to breaking 100 this year."

Peter Corrigan, former Golf Journalist for Independant on Sunday










"Having lessons off John Hastings at St Andrews Major golf club has massively improved my game. In under a year I have managed to drop 8 shots. I would highly recommend lessons with John for anyone wanting to develop their game."

Tom Shanklin, former Wales and British Lions Centre


“As a relative novice who had some lessons elsewhere I was delighted with the difference John made to my game in such a short space of time.  He’s made the game much more natural for me, more fun and has helped me to clear my mind and just swing the club.  The results have been superb.”

Mike Burne







John with Tom Shanklin